The Must is a Must!

It’s that time of year… When driving along country roads, drinking in views of castles and spent vineyards, you reflect on the summer that was and the fall that is, and the wine that will be…


And it’s a time to taste the must. I know, the white looks like chicken soup, but it is going to tell you where this vintage is heading…

With Giacomo Cattaneo Adorno and Michael Yurch of The Bluest Sky Group




And what to say of ‘the remains of the day’?




Fall is a busy time of year for winemakers, wine tasters, and simply those who want to enjoy the bounty of the land as it ripens.


In the meantime, the Italian Association of Sommeliers admitted its new crop, including yours truly, at a simply superb ceremony hosted by Guido Berlucchi in Franciacorta.

New colleagues!

Finally being able to wear the tastevin, rightfully and righteously!


Reaching one first goal, but embarking on so many new paths…

I’ll drink to that!


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