Gimme Culture!

There’s something afoot, and it may very well be revolutionary. People are lining up for culture. And this is not Disneyland:




This is the magnificent Renaissance monument, Palazzo Farnese, last weekend, open to the public; and what a public, clamoring to get in!


It’s true, it’s tricky to get into the palace, which has been the site of the French Embassy in Rome since 1936. But still, a spectacularly beautiful Sunday, with millions of things to do in one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe… And people are happily spending 40 minutes in line.


There was additional incentive on this particular Sunday:  the newly restored Carracci frescoes! The famous Annibale, with brother Agostino, decorated the Camerino Farnese between 1597 and 1607. Get a load of this:

The Triumph of Bacchus and Arianna




Simply divine. Any wonder why hundreds of eager Romans and tourists took the sun, chatted, or otherwise happily awaited their turn? Even a few claps of thunder did not deter them – they just added to the excitement!

What is encouraging is that this is ‘high culture,’ the real McCoy. You expect lines at Milan Expo.




Maybe you don’t expect the lines to be so orderly and quick, but lines nonetheless.


And while we’re on the subject: just one more month to go until closing time.

The Tree of Life, Milan Expo 2015

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