Young to Young Reaches Out

I made my way to the 1st floor of Pavillion 10 this morning to participate in a tasting. Rising above the often very crowded floors of the Vinitaly fair, one gets a different perspective on the business of wine.

White tables and chairs for a tasting area above the stands.

Serious business, this tasting of wine.

This morning at 11:00, we took our places in one of the Young to Young encounters to taste some vintages of vintners under 40 – young winemakers making wines … for everybody, not only for the young!

Pristine white, sparkling crystal… Excitement is in the air when you know you are going to discover new wines!

The three vintages chosen were three DOCs: an Offida Pecorino by Ciù Ciù, a  Friuli by Simon di Brazzan, and a Cirò by Calabretta.


No, silly, Pecorino is not a cheese! Or should we say it is also a cheese. If more winemakers get it right, like Ciù Ciù does, then people may be asking, is pecorino also a cheese? This cristalline white from the Marche region had great intensity and persistance, while still fresh and delightful. Much more than an aperitivo wine, this could accompany any fish dish, and why not? also cheese.


Blanc-Tocai-Friulano_1331732516045020200_1The Friulano Riserva 2010 that Simon di Brazzan offered was complex and full, with great equilibrium and persistance. What a shame we can’t still call it Tocai, but if we could, this is the best expression of that famous Italian grape. Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of those regions that just keeps on giving!


And then we got a 100% gaglioppo Cirò, that expression of the terroir that is Calabria. And Calabretta from Calabria is an easy name to remember!wineverse_vini_cataldo-calabretta_cir_-rosso-classico

What emerged from our meeting with the winemakers this morning is not only are there great wines from regions that are less well-known to foreign audiences, but there is passion in every one of these bottles. It is exciting to see younger winemakers dedicating themselves to their roots, their traditions, making organic (yes, all 3 are organic!) wines that are a pleasure to discover and to share.

IMG_6147Keep an eye out for where these winemakers are heading: more good things to come!

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