Talk About Girl Power!

Italian Grapevine concluded Vinitaly 2022 with a bang: Our post, Girl Power Forever! by contributing editor Francesca Giuliano, won a prize for best communication of the day in the Young to Young tastings.

Contributing editor Francesca Giuliano at VeronaFiere Vinitaly receiving her award

This annual feature at Vinitaly, created in 2015 by Il Golosario’s Paolo Massobrio and Marco Gatti, showcases young producers and their wines, allowing for their stories to emerge. The communicators also use media preferred by younger generations, from Instagram to Facebook to YouTube to blogs; the posts are engaging multimedia performances intended to reach a younger generation of wine aficionados.

Francesca, at work (left) and meeting one of the producers, Francesca Bonzano (right), at her stand after news of the prize

We are proud of this year’s accomplishment, which is the latest in a series. So, crank up The Way We Were, as we take this stroll down memory lane.
In 2015, Suzanne Branciforte, founder of the blog Italian Grapevine, was recognized for her post Young to Young Reaches Out in the very first year of the Young to Young tastings.

This was so long ago, yours truly was still a brunette!

Four years later, in 2019, contributing editor Zoë Burgard won with her Instagram story (take a look – this was just a bit of it).

Zoë is the wizard of Insta stories; too bad she had to leave us to go do her PhD at Yale! (The full story may be viewed on our GrapevineExperience Instagram account).

This year, Francesca Giuliano picked up the prize, writing about three young women producers, Young to Young, woman to woman.

Talk about Girl Power! Francesca G. at Vinitaly

This is a legacy success story, as Italian Grapevine is an all-girl operation! Evviva! Let’s hear it for the gals!

Scattered pictures… of the smiles we left behind!

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