Lest You Think This is All Fun and Games…

You should know that Vinitaly is a major conference for all those interested in wine. Parallel to the exhibits and stands, and myriad tastings, there are important meetings and conferences with major speakers from around the globe.

Luca Bianchi, MIPAAF, the Ministry for Agriculture, speaking yesterday about Italy’s agricultural exports

There are 4000 companies here from 24 countries, and over 90,000 square meters of exhibition space (believe me — my feet have trampled every square inch, and boy, do they know it!)

Lucky me! I asked this young lady for directions to a Pavilion, and she gave me a ride on the golf cart! Such service!

We also attended a session on Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, where we saw maps of the territory and met key players in the promotion of that special terroir.


I love looking at maps of wine regions.
IMG_6019There is just so much to learn about what goes into that final product we all love so much!
Off to another day of tastings, and learning more about vino!



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