Multi-Tasking, Multi-Tasting

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Yours truly, with Marzia Varvaglione

Celebrations are always enhanced by wine, don’t you think? And nobody does it better than the Donne del Vino, or Women of Wine, the Italian association of women winemakers, enologists, sommeliers, wine shop owners, food&wine journalists. This summer I attended two events sponsored by Italian women wine makers, and let me tell you, they know the meaning of the word ‘hospitality’!

At the Masseria Pizzariello

Why are women so successful when they put their mind to something? It isn’t just that je ne sais quoi, that extra special touch they bring to things. It’s a question of multi-tasking, that in the world of wine becomes multi-tasting. Put it this way, you can’t go wrong when the event has been put together by women!

With Delegate Marianna Cardone

I was lucky enough to be Puglia for the celebration “Summer Wine”. Held at the Masseria Pizzariello of the Varvaglione 1921 winery, it was an evening of celebration and reflection. The panel discussion on wine tourism (yes, yours truly participated) was anything but self-congratulatory. Led by the Puglia Delegate Marianna Cardone, it was an important moment of reflection.

The Donne del Vino Puglia Delegation represents the hope and strength of food&wine tourism in Italy. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, the food scrumptious, there was great music and of course… delicious wine!


In Tuscany, I was thrilled to attend the annual prize Premio Casato Prime Donne, which was celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Organized by Donatella Cinelli-Colombini, who also happens to be President of the National Association of the Women of Wine, this is an event that puts women and their special achievements in the limelight.

Donatella being interviewed by Cristina

This year I was elated to meet the guest of honor, the Captain of the Italian women’s soccer team, Sara Gama.

She’s so famous there’s a Barbie of her! Half Italian and half Congolese, this young woman represents the aspirations of many, and the success of few.

IMG_0167Another of the prize winners, Cristina Conforti, is a television journalist who reports on food & wine for the RAI. In her acceptance speech, she eloquently illustrated the persisting struggle of working mothers. More power to you, Cristina, and all of us working moms!

The winery Casato Prime Donne is staffed entirely by women and is run by Donatella and her daughter Violante.

The 20th anniversary occasioned the making of spectacular cake, which was served after a moving performance of local dancers, including one special ballerina with MS.


The prize this year celebrated female motivation, the true grit able to inspire every little girl to always pursue her dreams.


I can fly!

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