Even the Sommeliers…

Celebrate, good times, come on! The Genoa chapter of the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS) held its annual Christmas Party in Palazzo Imperiale’s prestigious Salone delle Feste (if the building is called the ‘Imperial Palace’ and the room is ‘the big room of parties’, how can you go wrong? You can’t!)

Head Sommelier, Gianfranco Tornino, opens a salmanazar – yes, that’s 9 liters!!! – of Ferrari millesimato!

As long as it’s on a table, it’s manageable. But just try to hold the bottle, never mind pour…!!!

Yours truly with sommelier Walter Chiapussi who’s got the handle on this mega-bottle of Trento bubbly.

There were memorable moments – the solemn opening of the Ferrari, the copious quantities of excellent food from the Emilia-Romagna region, the explanations of what we were eating and drinking… Take a look at the antipasto to get an idea of what I’m talking about:


The food – and since this was a dinner with a theme – and the wine were from the Emilia-Romagna region. What does that mean in the wine sector? You got it: Lambrusco! It was a bubbly evening, as it should be when we’re talking party-time!

Neo-sommelier, Emilio, with a bottle of Gualtieri, who provided the wines for the evening…

Want to see that label better? Here it is:


The setting was impressive. Frescoes, and elaborate stucco decorations floating above our heads during the meal… An exclusive location where the AIS is lucky enough to hold its wine tastings and events.


True to Emilia-Romagna style, they tried to knock us senseless with food…

Some traditional ingredients: a lean, tasty cotecchino, mostarda and parmigiano, the most famous cheese in Italy which hails from this region. The bubbly yet tannic Lambrusco cuts through the fat and cleanses the palate…

Explanations of what we were eating and drinking were provided by the competent and entertaining authors of the event.


Merry Christmas, Italian Sommeliers! Buon Natale!


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