Woman2Woman, Wine2Wine

Powerhouse Jancis Robinson discusses the promotion of Italian wine with powerhouse Silvana Ballotta, moderated by Anna Scafuri from the RAI

When women get together, great things happen! Don’t take my word for it, just take a look at what was shaking at this week’s Verona super-event, Wine2Wine. When you have the chance to listen to Jancis Robinson live and up close, well, you listen! Her core message? Italy has terroir, it has geography, it has variety. What it needs now is communication – to get that message out there. She isn’t the doyenne of the world of wine for nothing!

Two budding Donne del Vino (yours truly and Ada Sguazzo) rubbing elbows – and hoping some of the stardust will rub off! – with Jancis

Don’t misunderstand me, there are plenty of wonderful men out there doing wonderful things for wine culture, but if I took away a message from this year’s Wine2Wine, the premiere B2B wine event in Italy, it was that “it’s our turn”.

What has traditionally been a male-dominated sector (and what sector wasn’t, up to about 20 years ago?), is now solidly populated by women in every category. This knowledgable young woman of Nomacorc explained every aspect of closures for wine bottles including the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure, courtesy of Nomacorc!

Everything you ever wanted to know about wine corks, synthetic and non!


And what to say of this woman? The venerable Stevie Kim, the Madonna of Vinitaly International, and all the trimmings (like the Vinitaly International Academy). Honored by the Italian Association Donne del Vino (Women of Wine) this year, she is… a powerhouse in the promotion of Italian wine! Am I being redundant? Well, that’s the message, folks. Women are what’s making it happen!

IMG_0208 This man knows it – yes, that is Ian D’Agata, who with Stevie Kim gave this event the juice… Here he is interviewing mother-daughter teams from Le Donne del Vino.IMG_0219Do you need to see their poster better? Here it is!IMG_0220

From right to left: President Elena Martusciello, Fernanda Bonfanti, Gabriella Spagnolo (standing), Anna Pesenti (press office, in pink) and Pia Berlucchi (in profile).







They had just held their plenary session, the last with Elena Martusciello as President (in white). This was a meeting that brought together Past Presidents, current members, and again, the creative lymph was flowing…

When I go out tasting, I feel empowered by wearing my Donne del Vino T-shirt!

Yours truly at the Tokara winery, South Africa
And again, at Delaire Graff, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Evviva! With the return of rosé and the advent of blush sparkling wines, could it be that the world of wine is turning pink?

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