When Life Gives You Lemons…. Make Limoncello!

As often happens in late winter/early spring, friends showered me with their ‘untreated’ lemons, meaning these were the real McCoy: pure, unadulterated lemons.   So I get a ‘gift’ of 6 lemons here, 8 lemons there …. What to do with a fridge full of lemons? Limoncello! I peel the zest only off of 14 […]

That Cuomo Touch!

She calls it Furore.  Furore is the name of the place, the name of the wine, and it is all the passion that Marisa Cuomo puts into her award-winning wines. I started out this Vinitaly 2015 by visiting this powerhouse, who was pouring it herself, and explaining how she makes her wines to the visitors […]