That Cuomo Touch!

She calls it Furore.  Furore is the name of the place, the name of the wine, and it is all the passion that Marisa Cuomo puts into her award-winning wines.


I started out this Vinitaly 2015 by visiting this powerhouse, who was pouring it herself, and explaining how she makes her wines to the visitors thronging her stand in the Campania region pavillion.

Yours truly with award-winning winemaker, Marisa Cuomo

Powerhouse, Cuomo… For this girl from New York, meeting a woman winemaker from the region of her immigrant grandfather, this was a special moment, layered with meanings.

Marisa is known for her whites, although I also tried a powerful aglianico – piedirosso blend.

Here is Furore:


The surprise for me was Ravello. The name may ring a bell, as this is the dramatic, stunningly beautiful place where American writer and cultural figure, Gore Vidal, lived out his last years. On the breath-takingly beautiful Amalfi Coast, all the culture and history and beauty of the place rolls around your tongue in this equally beautiful wine.


Beautiful wines from a beautiful place… It may well be worth a visit!

Follow me as I make my way through Vinitaly 2015!!!

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