Wine2Wine Too!


Back in Verona for two days of conferencing about wine, trends in the market, marketing, Italian wine… It is the Wine2Wine sponsored by VeronaFiere and Vinitaly, an event for people in the field.



Sorry if the photos aren’t sexy, this is serious business! It’s post-vendemmia, let’s-get-down-to-business planning, strategising, networking.

Meet the Italian Wine Ambassadors from Vinitaly International Academy

There isn’t even that much tasting going on…

Socializing, yes, tasting, no.

Stevie Kim and Ian D’Agata seem to have cloned themselves – they are everywhere, presenting, talking, introducing, planning.

Ian D’Agata presenting the creation of the new wine prize

This just out: a new, important recognition for wines which will be introduced at the next Vinitaly (which will be the 50th anniversary edition!): 5 Star Wines.

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