Come Taste the Wine…

… Come hear the Band! For those of you who remember Cabaret!

The ‘band’ at yesterday’s inauguration of the 49th Vinitaly were a bunch of politicians, mostly from the Veneto area, as election time is approaching.


The Minister for Agriculture, Maurizio Martina, gave a speech full of concrete facts and figures that confirmed that for Italy, the wine sector is growing, is producing more revenues, and the outlook is also positive.

Minister Martina, MIPAAF which stands for the Ministry of Agricultural Policies and Forestry

But then we got down to business… It’s all about tasting, isn’t it?


Here is one tasting – of the local white, Soave – where you can see two glasses set up on their circles, a white placemat on a white table (I’ve also put this year’s program on the table!) Typically, the stands have some white tables and either transparent or white chairs, trying to have enough light and no color interference for evaluating that most important visual test of color.

Bottles, bottles, and more bottles!

So much tasting to do!!! Off to another grueling day of sniffing and tasting!

Buon Vinitaly!

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