The Last Supper

As you’ve gathered, I’m still digesting my experience at the Florence Symposium of the Masters of Wine.

The farewell dinner was an appropriate send-off, held at the spectacular Antinori Winery in the Chianti Classico. Designed by architect Marco Casamonti, this stunning state-of-the-art Cantina wowed the crowd.


How can I begin to describe this magical evening? The 450-plus delegates were comfort-coached to the winery on a balmy spring evening – the light and the sky were out of a Renaissance painting.


The amazing tasting that preceded dinner – featuring the Italian wines of the Istituto Grandi Marchi – was so overwhelming that at one point I ran into two new acquaintances and said, “Ladies, I’m about to dump my Sassicaia!” “Don’t do it!” they shrieked. But of course, it was impossible to contemplate belting down all that stuff, almost equally impossible to contemplate spitting it…

The Antinori’s were impeccable hosts, and showcased the best of Italian style. We were given evidence that this movie-set winery was a functioning cellar…


as we walked through it while we were accommodated in the banquet hall.


And the dinner? All I can say is, here is the wine list. Yes, we were served these 19 wines with dinner.

Lista vini
Read it and weep!!!!

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