Simply the Best!

I am still digesting last weekend’s Symposium with the Masters of Wine in Florence… It’s an event I may not stop talking about for some time to come…

Does anyone know what these are used for?


It didn’t take yours truly long to figure it out, but can I say something? I need practice!! I’m OK at the tasting part…

It is the spitting that has got me stumped! There was some masterful spitting going on. If you don’t believe me, take a look.


True to its purpose, the Symposium was a place to gather, to drink together, to get to know, to savour, to taste… The luncheon sponsored by the Kendall Jackson Winery was indeed a treat — all those California wines had come a long way, baby!


The luncheon hosted by the Austrian Wine Board also didn’t disappoint. Here are some Italian colleagues enjoying the Austrian vintage; it is truly a Culture of Wine!

Alessandro Torcoli (Civiltà del Bere), Chiara Lungarotti and Marcello Lunelli of Ferrari (the wine, not the car!!) enjoy a glass of Austrian wine.

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