Arti-Choke Me!

On a recent jaunt to Rome, I nearly OD’d on artichokes. I know, I know, do I have no self-control? It’s just that Rome is more than the capital of Italy… It’s the capital of artichokes! The Roman dialect word for artichokes is cimaroli, also called mammole, and this tender variety is round and without […]

Gimme Culture!

There’s something afoot, and it may very well be revolutionary. People are lining up for culture. And this is not Disneyland:   This is the magnificent Renaissance monument, Palazzo Farnese, last weekend, open to the public; and what a public, clamoring to get in!   It’s true, it’s tricky to get into the palace, which […]

Roma, Caput (and not Kaputt!) Mundi

    Back in the Città Eterna, or Caput Mundi – the capital of the world, people! The Romans got it right! And not Kaputt Mundi, like some have recently tried to portray it. From the minute I hit the ground in Termini, I am off and running: ruins, fountains, monumental architecture, churches churches everywhere, palaces […]

Would I Lie to You, Honey?

You know I tell the truth here on Italian Grapevine. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth … on matters of Italian food, wine, culture and dolce vita living. I am la bocca della verità. Back in the Eternal City… What is the magic of this place? Could it be that you […]