A Million Reasons

There’s a million reasons to love Italian wine and the Wine Spectator-sponsored Opera Wine that kicks off Verona’s Vinitaly is proof.

Yesterday, 130 (yes, 130) of Italy’s top wines could be sampled by the lucky Opera Wine invited guests. Usually we are used to talking in round numbers, like say 100. Or even a million. Clearly, the tasters at Wine Spectator could no longer limit their list to ‘the Top 100 Italian wines’.

Certain vintages will never disappear from the list – how could Sassicaia not be a part of the top wines in Italy? But how to include all the noteworthy, excellent, tasty vintages? Maybe numbers are no longer the way to go, maybe some new parameter must be found.
It’s great to sample a new vintage of an old favorite: it’s like visiting a friend to see how they’re doing. But meeting new wines, like meeting new people, gives you a boost, an enthusiasm and a reason to look forward. That’s why I love coming to Vinitaly: there’s always something new to discover!

Italy has the greatest biodiversity in the world; such a small country with such a vast variety of grape varieties, made into such delectable vintages. What’s a girl to do? They’re giving me a million reasons to wear a hole in my shoes running from pavilion to pavilion (there are 18 pavilions!) to sample wines from Italy’s 20 regions.

The numbers this year at Vinitaly are impressive: over 4000 exhibitors, visitors from over 30 countries, 5 Ministers of the Italian government on the first day, and the Prime Minister will be here tomorrow.

Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollabrigida (left), with Paolo Cotroneo of Fattoria La Rivolta

How many regular visitors and buyers? We’ll know more at the end of the Fair, but if today was any gauge, millions. The focus is on business, and it’s a no-nonsense vibe this year.

Vinitaly is still giving us a million reasons to come back to the fair.
So stay tuned, as we try to keep up with the new and noteworthy. Reporting live from Verona… it’s Italian Grapevine!

Yours truly, on location at Vinitaly

One thought on “A Million Reasons

  1. Complimenti per l’articolo! Sicuramente c’è una splendida atmosfera piena di fragranze! Evviva le donne del vino e i nostri vini italiani!
    Imperdibile Vinitaly!

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