Over the Moon at Lvnae

Yours truly with Diego Bosoni

Good thing I live so close to the Winery of the Year 2020 in these no-travel Covid times! Lucky me, I got to visit Cantine Lvnae twice, in late summer and early fall. We are talking southern Liguria, getting close to the Tuscan border.

Can I say what a pleasure it is to visit this winery? Not only is the wine outstanding (more ahead – read on!), but the Bosoni family makes you feel like you’ve come home and they’ve been waiting so long to see you! Hospitality at its best.

Yours truly flanked by Paolo Bosoni (left) and his son Diego (right)

For quite some time now, I have loved their expressions of Vermentino, a Ligurian native grape variety common to Sardinia and Tuscany as well, and called Favorita in Piemonte. (Just for the record: I’ve been here before and written about it. See the piece!) For years, I’ve heard people debate whether they preferred Cantine Lvnae’s black or gray label. Well folks, the jury is in: the black label Vermentino was voted the Best White Wine in Italy by two organizations – Gambero Rosso 2020 for the 2018 vintage and Vinitaly 5Star Wines 2020 for the 2019 vintage. That is some achievement!

Welcome to Cantine Lvnae!
The prize, the wine and the man (who represents the family!) Cantine Lvnae, Bosoni Family

And to top it off, they were also voted Winery of the Year 2020 by Vinitaly. What’s their secret? Well, for one, Attention to detail.

From the spacious, well-appointed tasting room to the landscaped gardens, everywhere you look is a delight for the eyes.

Gorgeous displays – every flower in place, the lighting just right, even the ambient music was perfect. View this video if you don’t believe me – the jazz in the background just puts you in the mood. A good mood, a relaxed mood, a wine-tasting mood.

A feast for the eyes and the palate!

What these people do with whites is quite simply amazing. Cavagino is the top of the line for the Vermentino. But a personal favorite: the oft-overlooked Albarola. This is a lesser-known native grape variety from Liguria: sapid, saline, with great acidity, it is surprising and leaves you wanting more.

Did you know Vermentino could be red too? Scrumptious!

Black Label, Gray Label, and the launch of the White Label!

Talk about showcasing local products – the displays at Cantine Lvnae are picture perfect! And don’t forget the homemade jams and fruit liqueurs! There is a real emphasis on natural products made with local produce.

Throwback photo: A few years ago when I visited, Diego’s sister Debora was sporting blue locks, which today are violet. But can’t be sure what color they’ll be when you get there… depends on her mood!

A lovely walk among fall foliage in the vineyard – enchanting!

The little museum the Bosoni family has dedicated to the history of local winemaking is well laid out and charming to view. I guess you get the idea … that’s how it all is here in Lvnae land!

Here’s a spoiler alert: the best is yet to come. Yours truly was also lucky enough to peek in on what’s next, but my lips are sealed… that is, unless they are parted to sip some of that fabulous Cantine Lvnae Vermentino!

Yours truly, signing off here in Liguria!

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