Buon Appetito! Support the Restaurants!

On this Valentine’s Day, I would like to say ‘I love you’ to all the restaurateurs out there. These are the people who have prepared our special Valentine’s Day dinners over the years (and on all those other special occasions we’ve shared with friends and loved ones in restaurants). They are people who have cuddled us and cared for us, catering to our imaginations and our palates with scrumptious fare and delectable presentation. And over the past year they have suffered terribly because of the pandemic. So come on people, reach out to your favorite restaurateurs and give them a virtual hug: order something wonderful from them, or if they’ve got opening hours, don your mask and book a table!

A lovely bouquet of grissini breaksticks!

To celebrate today, I’d like to share with you a spectacular meal I recently enjoyed at Da Romano in Viareggio. I’m a discreet person (you know that by now), so there are no pictures of yours truly or the people who partook in this exquisite meal.

Like eye-popping fireworks – and it’s not for nothing that the Italians are the greatest firework makers in the world too – the courses in this tasting menu kept on coming, and kept on astonishing. Let’s face it: Italians know how to pull out the stops no matter what the field. Just when you thought you’d seen it all, oops! They did it again… Here to the left, the welcoming oyster with the pearl, and a lovely dose of seafoam on top!

What is often so marvelous is how you can taste the flavors separately, but also together… the alchemy of cuisine!

I never ate such tiny shrimp as the little fried ones (left) and the sweet and sour (right)… incredible.

Seppia never tasted so good!

Don’t hold me to the sequence here… the fabulous cascade of dishes was almost overwhelming. But do click on the link for Da Romano because even their website is perfectly executed.

Since it was all fish-based, one never had the feeling of heaviness. Truly a delight for the palate.

Presentation is everything! Get a load of the design of this plate!
It may have been the champagne at this point, but staring at the border of this plate was like looking at a painting by Escher!

Son of the founders, Romano and Franca, Roberto Franceschini has won prizes as Best Sommelier from the Guida Espresso and Premio Internazionale del Vino, and his wine cellar has been recognized by Wine Spectator as among the best in the world.

Sommelier son of the owners, Roberto Franceschini

Is it any wonder they’ve gotten Michelin stars and Gambero Rosso Tre Forchette, and recognition from all the major important guides?

Come on, it’s just a little fruit and then dessert!

If this was the last meal in a restaurant for a while – as we have once again been placed in ‘zona arancione’ and the orange zone means only take-out for now – then it certainly was a memorable one!

Yours truly, signing off

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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