Gimme Culture!

There’s something afoot, and it may very well be revolutionary. People are lining up for culture. And this is not Disneyland:   This is the magnificent Renaissance monument, Palazzo Farnese, last weekend, open to the public; and what a public, clamoring to get in!   It’s true, it’s tricky to get into the palace, which […]

Roma, Caput (and not Kaputt!) Mundi

    Back in the Città Eterna, or Caput Mundi – the capital of the world, people! The Romans got it right! And not Kaputt Mundi, like some have recently tried to portray it. From the minute I hit the ground in Termini, I am off and running: ruins, fountains, monumental architecture, churches churches everywhere, palaces […]

The Way We Were

Memories, like the corners of my mind… On a recent trip to Sicily, I was reminded that, once upon a time, we used to eat a different way too. Maybe it was that starlit night in the piazza with the great Baroque basilica front-lit against the black sky… It just evoked another era. Or maybe […]