Class is Not Water

Or so they say in Italian (La classe non è acqua!)  Maybe it’s Brunello, or Amarone, or Chianti, or Prosecco, or Furore.

Lady Amarone, Marilisa Allegrini

See what I mean?

That phrase could have been the caption for Wednesday night’s super gala dinner for Le Donne del Vino (the Women of Wine Association). The event is called Finitaly, a play on words for the end (la fine) and Vinitaly. And a fine event it is, indeed!

Members of the Liguria delegation and friends. At the center in white and silver, the Association’s President, Elena Martusciello

It was a rainy night in Verona, but that didn’t stop us! As if they were not decked out enough already (this is one beautiful crowd, believe me!), the master jeweler Gerardo Sacco bejeweled those of us of the association who were game to wear his creations for the evening…

No, these were not party favors! We were models for a night, and like Cindarella who left her glass slipper behind, we too returned these magnificent creations to their rightful owner before leaving the Gran Guardia!




His stellar creations have been worn by the stars, from Elizabeth Taylor to Monica Bellucci. Now this is what I call Made in Italy, with all of the history, beauty, culture and class that that entails!


Yours truly with the Maestro himself! Get a load of the belt he adorned me with! These jewels make you feel like a million dollars!




The evening had an MC and there was a tribute to Stevie Kim, Managing Director of Vinitaly International.

Stevie was honored as an ambassador of wine to the world.

Gerardo Sacco, Elena Martusciello, Stevie Kim
A moment of recognition and emotion


And once more, for the last time at Vinitaly 2015, there was a convivial moment – a moment of eating and drinking together.

The wines of the Women of Wine!

Of course, all the vintages were the creation of the members of this splendid association.

Evviva, le Donne del Vino!!!

Elena Martusciello with Gerardo Sacco (left) and Giovanni Mantovani (right)





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