Those Boots were Made for Walking!

IMG_6239And that’s just what they’ll do.

You know you are in Italy when you see fabulously dressed and hoofed women in vertigo-inducing high heels, with smiles on their faces after ten hours of balancing on stilettos.



IMG_6065How many Americans (or Brits, or Germans, or you-name-it-nationalities) would hoof around a trade fair like Vinitaly on what you are about to see here?  Italian women are a podiatrist’s dream. So what if you have to stand on your feet for 10 hours?


It is all about looking good, feeling good, putting it out there, and hey! after all, shoes are a huge part of the Made in Italy industry, right? From Gucci and Ferragamo on down…  So take a look at how Italian women hold high the flag of fashion and the ever-present bella figura.


Ouch!                                   Pixie                                A touch of color


Going places…


Gucci reigns! But also Simona Barbieri…


And how about:


And the winner is:

IMG_6121But the smartest gal at Vinitaly is:

IMG_6272It was the last day, after all!

But tonight, Le Donne del Vino (the association of the Women of Wine) are holding their gala dinner to end the fair, Finitaly. So stay tuned!

One thought on “Those Boots were Made for Walking!

  1. Your posts have been a fun and informative. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award. See the details on my post of 3/29/15. Keep elevating the world of writing!

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