Peel Me a Grape!

OK, it doesn’t get more luxurious than this: a hydromassage in red wine!IMG_5725

And what an effect on the skin! So soft, so smooth — it’s all those anti-oxidants, right? When you emerge from the bath, a pleasant, smiling assistant gives you something to replenish the liquids you’ve lost:

This is grape juice! How many times do I have to tell you?

And this is supposed to be de-tox, right? The hammam, the thermal baths… As I explained to a friend, it’s easy: you sweat and you sweat, and you huff and you puff, and you blow all those toxins right out of your system. The lovely restorative infusions also have a detox effect: between what you sweat out and the diuretic effect of the infusions, you lose about 5 lbs. of water in 3 days. And in the evenings, you replace some of the H2O with Brunello. The effect on your skin – and overall outlook on life – is marvelous!

A hard day of hydromassage, massage with grape seed scrub, a facial with wine-based all-natural products, leave me glowing. Even my toes look more relaxed! And I’m ready for dinner:

A fabulous pumpkin and saffron barley risotto-style dish served in a pecorino shell. The white is a Maremma vermentino. Yummy!
Lamb chops: finger-lickin’ good! They are meant to be gnawed upon! Accompanied by a lovely Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
You didn’t expect me to skip dessert, did you? A carmel semifreddo with a delightful moscato.
Just for digestion’s sake … A grappa from Montepulciano!









So I’m ready and restored and rarin’ to go…. to Vinitaly!!!    Stay tuned…

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