The Bacchus Treatment

Retreating into the Val d’Orcia for my pre-Vinitaly spring renewal. Driving through this part of Tuscany, I inevitably ask myself: do these greens really occur in nature?



Got in just after lunch time. Now that is what I call a Room with a View!

Do you really think those little lined-up trees happen naturally too? It all seems so quaint and fairytale-like.

IMG_5693Isn’t the main square of Bagno Vignoni adorable? But that green water…. Hmmmm….  At least 50 shades of green in the Val d’Orcia…

So I had my body scrub with grape seeds, followed by my hydrating oiling up with grape seed oil… Aromatherapeutic and delicious! (No, no pix of that, sorry folks!) Followed by:

IMG_5699Now, I know what you are thinking: starting so early? No, my friends: that is the real McCoy — grape juice! No kidding! Got out of my grape-based sauna and had to have a sugary sip of that to bring my blood sugars and pressure back in line!

Then the challenge:


Rosso di Montalcino followed by his big brother, Brunello.

Followed by….IMG_5713

A little Aleatico passito… A Tuscan IGT.

Which of course, never goes unaccompanied:


I’ve got another gruelling day of massages, thermal baths and sampling the bounty of this incredible terroir tomorrow… Will I be up to it?

Stay tuned…


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