The Sisterhood of the Grape

Yesterday in a Liguria filled with sun, looking much like the photo below, I attended a meeting of the prestigious Italian association, Donne del Vino, which brings together producers, restaurateurs and… People like me! Journalists and writers who write about Food & Wine.

Borgio Verezzi, where the meeting was held
Valeria Fazio, delegate for Liguria, conducts the meeting

Last year I was admitted to the ranks of this lovely group, and I consider it a great honor. In 2013, I had attended a 25th anniversary celebration of the Women of Wine at Vinitaly, at a tasting of 10 vintages from the year of their founding – 1985! That was one memorable tasting, let me tell you!

There is a stunning line-up of women producers in Italy, and my hats are off to all those women who have made the Association what it is today.

The meeting was held at Ristorante DOC – to kind of quote George Clooney in the Nespresso commercials, Where else? The owner, restaurateur Cinzia Mattioli, was recently given an award as the most outstanding woman in Liguria who contributed to the world of wine.


And on the other side of the globe, in Napa, California, they are planning the first Global Symposium, Women of the Vine, brainchild of Deborah Brenner.

Seeing as March is Women’s History Month in the United States, and Vinitaly will be taking place in Verona — the countdown will start soon! — who knows what might happen if there was a reaching out… a joining of forces…

Sisters in the Sisterhood of the Grape, Unite!

Donne del vino
Members of the Ligurian delegation at the February 22nd meeting


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