Amarone Mon Amour

A recent visit to the renowned Masi Vineyard in Valpolicella delighted all five senses! What scenery, what aromas, and of course… what taste! This little neck of the woods is a pleasure to visit. And if you’re visiting the Masi vineyards…. Well, need I say more?

And what a treat, to see the grapes resting in their crates, waiting to become that delectable nectar… Amarone!


Do you know the four indigenous grape varieties? Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara, but let’s not forget Oseleta! And keep your hands to yourself!!!


Talk about where science meets art! It’s no accident that the grapes now dry under careful climate control. Something makes you want to hold your breath in the presence of these adorable little berries as they rest in their crates, where they lose between 30% to 45% of their weight. Talk about a crash diet!


There is something awe-inspiring in the sweet repose of the bottles of yore… It’s almost like a stained glass window and there is that same hush of a gothic cathedral. We tip-toed past this 1999 vintage…


And what an honor to stand before this cask! Talk about giving something back! The Boscaini family, with papa Sandro at the head, organizes the Premio Masi each fall, bringing together culture, wine and the quest for excellence — what a noble event. Complimenti to the Boscaini family!


The Veneto hospitality of Alessandra Boscaini and Annachiara Zanoni… What else can we say? Grazie!


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