And the Winner is…. Part II

When talking about Food&Wine, let’s not forget the FOOD. So, along with all that flowing excellence, the menu could be nothing less. Leave it to Gianfranco Vissani, il Maestro, to come up with the perfect combinations. This man’s name should be a household word.

IMG_4784And the MCs are not just for show, you know. The famous duo, Fede e Tinto, aka Federico Quaranta and Nicola Prudente, but better known by their stage names, are just the cutest, hottest boy team promoting the culture of wine in Italy.

Fede, post-performance



Their famous radio show, Decanter, on the Italian national radio station Rai Due, is a hip approach to the world of wine. Their book, Sommelier ma non troppo (Sommeliers, But Let’s Not Overdo It) is a fun, down-to-earth approach to what can sometimes be perceived as the mysterious and arcane  world of wine.


Suffice it to say, the Bibenda Cinque Grappoli party is a must in the Roman autumn social calendar. It is not pretentious, it is a blow-out great time, a celebration of excellence and a tribute to all those who make it happen.

With apologies to the Latinists…..  Vinum bibendum est!

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