Time for a Revolution…

Monte Taburno

Summer reflection. Those things you do when you feel autumn at your heels…


Sitting at an outdoor café in the sleep Riviera town of Chiavari, I find myself before a lovely, crisp glass of Falanghina. We all know Falanghina, of course, but the lure for me was Taburna – that massive mountain, home to the Sabine women and the place my maternal grandfather was born –  the Caudina valley. I discovered these roots not many years ago, when I took my teenage son on a heritage voyage. I found out that this area is now a ‘hot new’ winemaking region just last year when I met Paolo Cotroneo, owner of La Rivolta. Che sorpresa!

So when the aperitivo came and I asked to see the bottle, it was with glee that I found it was Paolo’s own vintage!

IMG_3645Fattoria La Rivolta is one of those little points of excellence, having conquered Bibenda’s 5 Grappoli prize last year, and again this year with the Aglianico del Taburno DOCG Riserva 2011.

Can I say how much I respect people like Paolo who put all their passion for their territory and the product they produce into every bottle? This man is a pharmacist but devotes himself to exhalting the aromas of that mysterious and rich land that is the Taburno.


As you can see, Paolo proclaims his philosophy on the bottle: recuperating the memory of a place can take place through the flavors of the land. And yes, this wine is organic.

This weekend at Rome’s Cavalieri Hilton is the annual Bibenda 5 Grappoli dinner…. Keep your eyes peeled for our report!



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