Gnocchi al pesto…. Allegro ma non troppo!

The marvelous Giorgio Erede, a lawyer-turned-chef and restaurateur, has written an unusual and fun memoir, La musica della mia cucina.

25008Those two Italian passions – food and music – in one original work. Isn’t creativity what it’s all about, Alfie? Erede shares recipes and memories, and gives you the soundtrack for both.  It begs the question: what do you listen to when you’re cooking? And what music is best for which dish? Can you really listen to Chopin if you’re making penne all’arrabbiata?

Erede arranging the items for sale.


Of Ligurian origins, but a longtime resident of Milan, Erede has a trendy place called Drogheria Milanese. Nowadays, restaurants like to have you eat in a sort of Emporium, where you can buy the interesting, unusual, tasty products that surround you while you dine.


Charming, retro atmosphere, food like your Grandma used to make, Drogheria Milanese reminds me of an American drugstore from the ’50s.

IMG_1967Charming the place, charming the owner – Erede lives life con brio!, the Italian Grapevine way!

Yours truly with author, musician, chef, life expert Giorgio Erede

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