Finire in bellezza… The Beautiful Finish to Vinitaly

In Italian we say it is important to finire in bellezza, that is, to end things nicely, beautifully. It’s all about impressions and leaving a good taste in your mouth, so to speak. It’s what people remember, what they take away with them.

And we can say that Vinitaly 2014 certainly ended with a bang! The visit of the new Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, Italy’s youngest ever – only 39 years old!

Renzi 13

The crowds pressed close as he toured the stands: Renzi at Vinitaly

Modest and practical, at one point Renzi introduces the Minister for Agricultural Policies, Martina, to Riccardo Turata of Simonit&Sirch, the Master Pruners of the Vines! Renzi, Martina and Turata

Renzi 8

It’s as if Renzi figures, why should anyone know that this guy is the Minister? He’s only been Minister for a couple of months, and we’re all under 40 anyway! This is not Italian style, but it’s a style I like!

So as the sun sets on Vinitaly 2014, we look toward the horizon and what the future can bring.

Evviva Vinitaly! Evviva Italian wine!

A beautiful finish…

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