This Must Be the Place!!!

Are you a foodie?

Do you love to settle down with a good glass of wine, preferably in good company?
Have you dreamt of living in a Tuscan farmhouse, or in a pastel-colored stucco villa overlooking the Mediterranean?Do you want to live La Dolce Vita?
If so, then…

This must be the place!!!

 Sean penn  Suz sean penn             

                      Sean Penn                               Suzanne Branciforte

So you heard it on the Italian Grapevine?

The Italian Grapevine is a blog for Italophiles, for foodies, for wine-lovers everywhere!

This isn’t about escaping a humdrum existence: it’s about realizing those dreams and making your life La Dolce Vita.

Blogger Suzanne Branciforte is on-site in Italy,
wining and dining,
and meeting and greeting
chefs and winemakers,
the movers and shakers
of the Food & Wine sector in Italy.

Follow her in her travels along the Boot to get the low-down and the what’s-what on Italian Food & Wine.

By the way, did you catch the reference to that fabulous Paolo Sorrentino film above?
And no, it wasn’t La Dolce Vita! Which is required viewing for anyone who wants to read this blog.
Yes, we will be talking about culture. I mean, Culture.

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